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Extra ExhibitionCPCA SHOW 2023 / 2023 International Cleanroom Exhibition



22-24 MAR, 2023                     




South Entrance: 168 East Yinggang Rd.

North Entrance: 333 Songze Avenue Rd.(in use)
East Entrance: 111 Laigang Rd.
West Entrance: 1888 Zhuguang Rd.

Website: http://www.cecsh.com/

Here is our proposed route to National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)



China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA)

Shanghai Ying Zhan Business Service Co., Ltd.



World Electronic Circuits Council (WECC)

China Institute of Electronics, Cleanrooms Technology Branch

Shanghai Association on Water Purification Technology

Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association



China Ministry of Industry and Information


Exhibit Scope

● membrane technology and facilities

● filter materials

● ultra filtration technology and equipment

● technology for complexion and removal of heavy metal ions

● waste water and circulation use technology and equipment

● liquid transportation

● water quality control technology and equipment and draining pipes systems and all kinds of equipment

● drinking water, bottling water and purification water equipment

● pumps, valves, and equipments

● medicine, material and equipments for water treatment

● newspaper and magazine

● academic research institutes and association and information consulting


■ Standard Booth (3m × 3m) 9 m2                           

A standard booth will be provided with the scheme as follows:

● space             

● carpet                   

● fascia board       

● 1 information counter

● 2 folding chairs     

● 3-sided board (H 2.5m)     

● 1 electric socket (220V)  

● 2 spot lights (1 more for each 6 sq.m. for booth over 9 sq.m.)


■ Raw Space ( minimum 36 m2 )

● Carpet is excluded. Exhibitor needs to build the stand yourself.

● 30% of the total exhibiting fee will be surcharged for double-deck booth(s).

● Booth management fee charged by the venue is not included in the above price.

● Raw space requirement is applicable only for the exhibitor who applies for the participation independently.

● Only booths over 72 sq.m. are eligible for the constructing of a 2-level booth or special designing. Please


apply and submit your designing plan to the organizer for approval in advance. The organizer will give reply in 5

working days upon receiving the plan. All the related documents will be checked by a senior registered engineer of structure.


■ Other FeeRMB

Co-exhibitor: RMB 1500 / each co-exhibitor

If the exhibitor would like to have co-exhibitors at his stand, he shall submit a written application and obtain the

organizer’s prior written consent. A compulsory registration fee of RMB 1500 for each co-exhibitor has to be paid upon organizer’s approval. Then each co-exhibitor will have individual right of putting its name on the show directory, the website and promotion materials.



● Additional requirements for electricity, water and air or others, please see the related application forms in the

    Exhibitor Manual.


Booth/Space Application (click and download)


Booth/Space Application Form of Water Treatment Exhibition 2023   (Word file)



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